100,000 views of Giro di Lento – Thank you


It’s a cool grey Friday morning and I’m at my desk beginning to work through my to do list today – which does include going for a ride (subject to the result of a phone call this morning). I’ve just checked my blog site tools and can see that yesterday Giro di Lento passed 100,000 views. I’m absolutely delighted by this. I started this blog on May 4th last year and as you’d expect pretty much nobody read it. I started counting views in June and you could do that on your fingers and toes – still very few. I started Giro di Lento to write about my riding including the trials and tribulations but I also wanted to write about products I found interesting and to use as a platform to share my thoughts that hopefully people would find interesting. Overtime and particularly the posts I’ve written about certain products (Cervelo, Colnago, Cannondale, Kinesis, Genesis, NeilPryde, Canyon. Shutt VR to mention a few) have been what really started to drive visitors to the site as well as drive me up the Google page rankings on various subjects. I also started writing because I was interested in learning about blogging and I definitely have learnt some basics so far.

In some respects this is an interesting point in time for this blog.100,000 views is a major milestone and one I’m really delighted to reach. For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about what my editorial focus is going to be in the coming year and I’m still pondering this. The core of this blog will continue to be my own riding as I feel it’s important to show that I really am an active and committed roadie. From there I will write about products and issues that I think are interesting and related and I’m going to continue to write in a conversational style rather than trying to pretend I’m a journalist, which I’m not. What I guarantee is that I’ll continue to do my best to find interesting things to write about as I’d like to continue to give you reasons to keep visiting Giro di Lento. If you have any suggestions or ideas for things you think that I should be covering- please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.