50,000 blog views since June – thanks to everyone who’s visited…


It's been a slow day for me, grey dismal weather, shoulder still a bit sore from my recent crash and although a good win for the All Blacks today (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/9213030.stm) cheered me up considerably, it wasn't till just now when checked into my blogging platform and saw that I've passed the 50,000 views mark for this blog that I suddenly felt like it had been a good day after all. I'm both surprised and delighted and want to say thanks to everyone who's visited in the last 6 months. 

Writing during the summer was an absolute pleasure as I really enjoyed my riding and was getting plenty done. The last month in particular I feel like I've moved into the off season and my shoulder has kept me off the bike for the last week or so, which has changed my momentum on here too. 

I do still have a goal of riding another 600km before December 31st to hit 5,000km for the year, so there's plenty to do and plenty to write about. 

The recent rainy, muddy weather has got me researching winter bikes, so they'll be a post on that shortly with expert input as well as my own and I also have between 1 and 5 bike tests in the offing depending how things turn out – so I'm looking forward to writing about all of that amongst other things. 

Tomorrow I'm going to venture back out onto the road again to test how my shoulder is coming along and I'm looking forward to it. The weather forecast is to be cold and clear for the coming week, so I'm hoping to get quite a few more miles in over the next few days.

However, for now the purpose of this post is really to say thank you to everyone who's read my posts and you can rest assured that I'm working on keeping it interesting in the hope that you'll come and stop by again. 

Thanks very much for reading.