A visit from Stoemper bikes…


Last weekend, David from Stoemper bikes dropped by for coffee and cake on a whistle stop visit to the UK (to go riding of course, but on a Bronto http://www.brontobikes.com/) and he kindly brought his Taylör for me to check out in person whilst I wait for Todd to make my own. David’s Taylör saw some major “action” earlier in the year when he rode it in Stoepid Week (http://www.stoepid.com/) where he completed the entire ride on it except for the second half of Paris-Roubaix. You may notice that difference between the wheels in the photo which is because he managed to “pop” a couple of spokes in France last week, whilst watching the Tour de France.

I’m injured at the moment so sadly had to decline the offer of a road ride on Sunday, but I had to take it for a quick ride up and down my street even just to get a feel for the bike (which of course you can’t properly in a 2 minute ride).

However it was enough to make a few observations:

a)      These bikes look great in the flesh (even in a colour scheme that doesn’t do it for me personally)

b)      The True Temper steel used, makes for a lighter bike than you might think

c)       On a short ride – COMFORTABLE and smooth were the words that sprang to mind. It could be perfect for the potholed roads around where I live and I can’t wait for mine to arrive.

More news as I have it!

Thanks for reading