Amazing NeilPryde Alize custom paint frameset

NeilPryde Bikes recently released these photos of a wonderful custom paint Alize frameset, painted by Jota Designs. The paint scheme was designed by Javier Serrano and I think it looks absolutely stunning. It’s almost too nice to ride… I saw a comment from NeilPryde that said they just wanted to hang it on the wall and I don’t blame them. Enjoy the photos – I certainly am.

33604487-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_6 33604484-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_8 33604482-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_9 33604479-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_10 33604472-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_11 33604469-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_2 33604465-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job 33604491-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_3 33604490-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_4 33604489-Fantastic_Alize_Paint_job_5

If you’d like to look at the full high resolution versions of these photos – you can download them from the NeilPryde Bikes Flickr page

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