An unexpected benefit of a bike fit

After my bike fit yesterday which I'll be writing about in some detail in the next day or two – I was advised to go for a couple of pretty gentle rides to get used to the changed position on the bike. 

This afternoon I did a medium tempo 30km on some of my usual roads and was really surprised and delighted in the improvement in ride quality in my bike over bumpy roads. Without stealing too much thunder for my full report on the weekend – it seems that shifting my weight forward on the bike to be more even distributed has really improved the ride quality.

Prior to the bike fit, I had been complaining to anyone who would listen that one of the major reasons I hanker after a new bike is that my aluminium framed Specialized gave a harsh ride. Almost every time I was out riding when I hitter some of the bigger bumps I would get a shock wave that sometimes brought an involuntary shout from me and the ride was never particular comfortable – even adjusting tyre pressures and changing to larger volume tyres didn't make too much of a difference.

Today the ride felt positively smooth – the smoothest I can ever remember – and this has been a delightful surprise. I'm looking forward to the next ride and to trying my other wheels to see if my "armchair" ride continues to impress. More soon.