Are you a keen enough cyclist to want a “Bicycle Desk”


If you are then this could be the product for you ….. It would give me some useful storage space in my office as I tend to keep up to 4 bikes in here with me and I do think it looks kind of cool.

If you use one full pro-team kit – I think you will have definitely gone too far – although it would make a great photo funny to share – but only if you’re doing it for a joke – otherwise you may need some kind of professional help or at least time away from your bike ;-).

If you decide to go for it and order one – please send me a picture (whether you’re wearing team kit or not). I’d love to post it….and no I don’t sell them.

More info here including the street version (I’m not kidding): http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2011/03/16/bicycle-desk/#


Photos from: http://www.storemuu.com/pitin3.html

Thanks for reading