Back on the bike – Ferrari special

With the sun shining this morning – it was time to get back out there and get some runs on the board for the month. The weather’s still a bit nippy and has been for the last couple of weeks but the sunshine got me out there. It was a good ride, partly over some of my old favourite roads and also some new ones. I’m riding more of the roads between Tunbridge Wells and Edenbridge and discovered a few more great roads today – beautiful rolling English countryside with some really lovely houses scattered across the landscape. After not riding for nearly a fortnight it was a bit tough on the hills but to do over 800 metres of vertical climbing in just under 60kms is a reasonable effort. My last climb up Broom Lane into Langton Green was definitely hard work – definitely a granny gear climb.


Out on the road, I saw lots of deer today, which is always nice and lots of young rabbits too (it’s springtime after all). I also saw a completely white squirrel for the first time ever – that was unexpected. The highlight of the ride was seeing a Ferrari F40 parked outside a specialist Ferrari garage (Roseneath) – you don’t see them everyday so I stopped and took a snap of that and of the Ferrari Dino they also had parked outside. The Dino had roared past me going the other way on a nearby hill, which was lovely to see.


Very few cyclists out today (it was a school day after all) but it was nice to see a female roadie out on the hills too – It’s great to see some more women out on bikes.


So now it’s total riding for the year 800km. Total riding for May 60km. Looking forward to my next ride, which will probably be on Saturday.