Bank holiday Blast! – August 30th

After my last ride I was only 40km away from clocking up my 5th month in a row of 500km plus. So on late Monday afternoon I saddled up to do 40km as quickly as I could as I’d agreed to be back home in an hour and half and was going to do my best to do so.

I chose a very regular route – out of Tunbridge Wells via Hawkenbury, through Bells Yew Green to Frant and across to Groombridge. Then a loop out towards Withyam and along Ladies Mile through to Eridge Station then back towards Groombridge where I looped back towards home re-riding the same roads as I’d travelled out on.

I was riding as hard as I could and felt completely different than on my last ride thanks to a good night’s sleep. It felt faster and rough mental calculations from my Garmin as I went suggested I was on track for a good time.

My next big milestone speed wise is 30kmh average speed for a ride. I wasn’t sure I was going that fast but I kept pushing in to at least give as good a go as I could.

In the end my Garmin said I’d done 43km and I’d climbed 550m along the way. I’d got back inside an hour and half – just … 1hr 29m 20s and I’d averaged 28.9kmh which is my fastest ride yet. A new record and annoyingly close to 29kmh. I was amazed at how a good nights sleep or two had made such a big difference to how I had felt on the bike.

Total mileage for the month 503km. Total for the year: 3,125km.

Thanks for reading.