Bargain season starts now – keep your eyes peeled


For a cycling enthusiast we’re about to move into the best time of year to buy a bike. The big bike companies typically start releasing their next seasons bikes around the Tour de France. So this means that dealers need to start clearing their current stock often down to their demo bikes on the shop floor. Depending on how strong sales have been this can mean some pretty attractive offers on this years models.

Personally I find this time of year quite challenging as during the next 3 months I’ll no doubt see at least 10 bikes I want to buy all being sold at a discount.


If you want to do your research on where to find the deals – check ebay, check your favourite shop sites and check the bike magazines – bargains will be found across all of these. Also for your favourite shops – make sure you’re on their emailing list so you get sent the best deals.

If you like a good deal and most of us do – then it’s time to start keeping your eyes peeled – the bargains are definitely out there.

If there’s any interest, I’m happy to post link to the most interesting deals I see over the coming months. Please add a comment if you’re interested otherwise I’ll assume you’ve got it covered.

Good luck and thanks for reading