Beautiful weather but hard work


Today I met up with Warren for a ride through north west Kent. It was an absolutely glorious day but both of us were not feeling at the top of our games today. In the end I managed 70km, which is ok, but it felt longer. My legs weren’t with me today, which was a shame as it really was a terrific day. With the way I was feeling I wasn’t up for the Ashdown Forest climbs, but I still did 950m of vertical climbing, which isn’t bad. I introduced Warren to a couple of new climbs between Withyham and Chiddingstone Hoath. There were loads of people out on the road today and I swear it’s starting to get as busy on the roads round here as it was when I lived in Surrey a few years ago. By coincidence Warren had mentioned a guy he’d met before called Malcolm who we should get out on the road with and he then happened to ride past us near Bough Beech. He stopped for a chat and had a beautiful baby blue De Rosa Idol – which really was lovely. So the De Rosa along with Warren’s Colnago made my poor old Specialized look pretty ordinary (which in fairness it is). I can increasingly feel there might be an Italian bike in my future (although I’m still hankering after a Cervelo RS as the next step up in my cycling). All good stuff to look forward to and a good incentive to keep building up the mileage so I can get decent pace out of whatever my next bike might be (Colnago CLX 2.0 is also an option).

Anyway, I’m glad I got out and battled around in the glorious sunshine – but I’m definitely looking forward to taking a day off tomorrow.