Brynje Super Micro T-Shirt Baselayer review

Brynje Super Thermo Micro T Baselayer

Brynje Super Thermo Micro T Baselayer

To follow on from my recent thoughts on the Brynje Merino base layer (http://girodilento.com/brynje-classic-wool-micro-t-shirt-baselayer-review/) I now want to share my thoughts on one of Brynje’s synthetic base layers.

As much as I like Merino, good synthetic base layers bring some solid advantages to the table. The Super Micro T base layer features I guess what we can call a larger, perhaps even mid-sized mesh finish. It’s definitely a larger mesh than the Merino (micro mesh) garment and works as an all season product.

I’ve ridden this base layer in temperatures up into the mid-twenties and just today down into single figures (Celsius). I have no doubt that it will continue to work well at lower temperatures too as we move towards winter. With Brynje being a Norwegian company I have no doubt whatsoever that this base layer will continue to excel as the mercury level drops.

To remind you on the principle of the mesh design (it’s not for looks) – it’s that air is the best insulation and temperature regulation you can have against your skin and that the larger the mesh the more air you have against you skin. The “mesh” of the garment is designed to allow the air to be next to your skin unimpeded and also to wick moisture off your skin and into the next garment you’re wearing.

A key difference between the Brynje synthetic and Merino base layer is that whilst the Merino fibres hold moisture, the synthetic fibres do a very impressive job of moving the sweat off you and out into your next layer. This has the effect of keeping your more comfortable and of keeping your feeling dryer.

The synthetic obviously makes a great deal of sense when you are riding with a moderate or higher intensity as it wicks the sweat away faster – keeping the air on your skin to regulate your temperature a bit better and it keeps you feeling dry. I have really found this to work. The best way I found to feel the difference has been to often wear the Merino base layer one day and the synthetic on the next ride.

Whilst I still love Merino – particularly for the fact it doesn’t smell and the feel of it against your skin, these Brynje synthetic base layers (one more still to write about) have made me realise that synthetic can be fantastic too. I’m also enjoying the mesh system too. At first, it seemed almost a touch counter-intuitive but I think it makes sense and it seems to work. Last weekend I ended up having to ride quite hard in difficult conditions to hit the 25kmh average I set myself. As I rode harder to hit my target, obviously I was sweating more but my skin felt pretty dry and I felt warm and comfortable (on wet roads and through heavy showers) but I could feel that the Gore Phantom I was riding in was definitely wetter than expected on the inside. To me it seemed once again that the Brynje Super Micro T was doing what it advertises once again.

One final point to note is that whilst I made a comment in my review of the Merino base layer losing it’s shape a touch – this hasn’t been a problem with the Super Micro T – it’s absolutely as good as new and I look forward to riding it through the winter.

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My apologies for the lack of good photos – I am struggling right now to get photos of me in clothing done. I’m either at work or my wife is, or we’re busy on the weekends, or it’s raining, or something, or one thing after another. I will get some photos done and uploaded soon. Please accept my apologies in the mean time and don’t let a lack of photos put you off this fine base layer.

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