Colnago C59 London Cycle Show Pictures

One of the many surprises for me at the London Bike Show this year …. was just how much I liked the Colnago C59. They look so much better in the flesh than in the photos I’ve seen to date … so of course I’m going to show you all my photos. Who knows, perhaps they’ll give you a flavour that some of the others haven’t. The C59 really has presence even in some of the subtler colours like the black/silver (GDSL).These two photos were really to highlight the fact that a surprising number of the Colnagos on display were graced with SRAM Red or Force or Shimano Groupsets (which I like as you may know if you’ve read my favourite bikes post).



I thought the red and white (GDRD) looked fantastic in the flesh – it had a dramatic visual impact and the high contrast of the paint scheme really worked with the striking tube profiles. sizes and proportions of the frame….


A terrific paint scheme.

I also really liked the orange one (GDOB). It has a combination of Fluoro orange, gunmetal gray and carbon weave that really works with the industrial design of the C59. Where the EPS was rounded tubes there more angles and ridges in the C59 and I can now see why a different type of colour scheme was needed. I’ve seen quite a few negative comments on the internet about the C59 paint schemes, but until you’ve had a close look at the bike I don’t think you can tell how well these new colours work. And surprisingly the modern avantgarde schemes like the flouro yellow and orange and the red and white look the best to me. Here’s the orange one from the Sigma Sport stand (http://www.sigmasport.co.uk/):


As I said at the beginning of this post, I wasn’t expecting to like this bike as much as I did. They’re not cheap, but if I had the budget I’d be sorely tempted to place an order. I think even Colnago have been surprised by the demand for the C59 as they’re making them as fast as they can but the waiting list has already hit 3 months and is growing as they sell faster than they can be produced. 

Hope you liked the photos.

Thanks for reading.