Colnago M10 Pictures and Review Link

Updated: December 8th 2010

I’ve just seen the first full review of the M10 by Brian Palmer of the WashingMachinePost and Colnago.cc – here it is for your enjoyment: http://www.thewashingmachinepost.net/colnago/m10/

It’s a really good review and well worth reading – it speaks very highly of the M10 and confirms the positive things I’d heard about the bike previously. The only real negative expressed and one I strongly agree with is that the graphics on the bike detract quite significantly from it – Colnago is a prestigious brand and I think the random logos and slogans on the bike cheapen it in a way it really doesn’t need or benefit from. Less is more when it comes to these things in my opinion and I was pleased to se Brian point this out too. Lovely bike all the same.

You can read more of Brian’s writing here: http://www.thewashingmachinepost.net/ and you can follow him on twitter @twmp

It’s great to see this review released and I hope there are more soon.

Original post and pictures:

As a generalisation I’m far from a traditionalist – so the new Colnago M10 stands out to me for a number of reasons. 1) It was a genuine surprise in that I’d not heard any leaked information before it was released and neither had my friends who are far more dedicated Colnago followers. 2) It’s the state of the art monocoque in the Colnago range; a lineage that goes back about 20 years 3) It’s the lightest, stiffest and most aerodynamic Colnago yet 3) According to the Colnago people at the London Cycle Show it has a similar ride quality to a C50, which is very impressive given point number three 4) I think that this out of the entire range most shows Colnago’s commitment to pushing the envelope from an engineering point of view, more so even than the C59 in my opinion.

As of right now there aren’t any reviews avaialbe but Brian at the Washing Machine Post will be the first as soon as Colnago can get a bike to him (by the end of October I understand). I’ve not managed to find many pictures of the M10 either, so I’m sharing the ones I took at the show. I’m still not entirely convinced by the colour schemes. For me I think I’d be trying to decide between the Matt Black (MTBK) pictured below, the Black and Silver (MASL) also pictured below or the Orange (MAOB) which is similar to the Black and Silver (orange rather than red accents).

Definitely an interesting bike and for me if you can’t stretch your budget to a C59, I think this is the Colnago to go for. If it rides as well as they say, I think it will be a big success.



Thanks to a thread on Bike Radar that I’ve been following on the M10 I’ve also now got this link to a video of a blue one and I think it looks terrific – the best M10 colour scheme I’ve seen yet (in my opinion of course). I’d not even considered the blue until now: