Doper’s Suck – How to show how you feel

Thanks to Twitter (in particular @pllb) this morning – I found this fantastic Twin Six Cycling Jersey being sold by Always Riding

The thing I most dislike about Pro Cycling is definitely the doping, which is still dogging the sport after decades. I really, really hate the doping – so I absolutely loved this shirt as soon as I saw it and wanted to share it too. It’s even on special!

Here’s a link to Always Riding for the white one:Twin Six Dopers Suck White Jersey at Always Riding and here’s Twin Six’s own page for it (http://www.twinsix.com/gear/mens-tech/the-dopers-suck-2011-white#1) – You could get matching world champions socks – I don’t think I would as the shirt makes the point I want to and I am far, far, far from World Championship material – so for me matching socks are a step too far – but they do look cool.
It’s also available in black, again via Always Riding (Twin Six Doper Suck Jersey Black at Always Riding) and again, again here’s the Twin Six page: http://www.twinsix.com/gear/mens-tech/the-dopers-suck-2011-black
Personally I prefer the white over the black – but it’s nice that there is a choice.

Twin Six make some great stuff, including some really nice Women’s clothing like this: http://www.twinsix.com/gear/womens-tech/the-bird-2011 – which even as a bloke I think looks great.
Obviously there’s lots more cool stuff to check out at: http://www.twinsix.com/ and you can buy lots of it here: Always Riding

Thanks for reading

P.S. I decided I had to order one of these … and am now waiting for it to arrive – I got a white one in case you were wondering.