Eurobike 2011 | Ernesto Colnago personally introduces the C59 and M10

Here’s a video from Bikeradar’s Eurobike adventures in which Mr Colnago himself gives some insights into the new C59 and M10 – it’s a particularly good plug for the M10 which to me is the more interesting of the two bikes (just) as I think it’s more technically advanced …. but I’ll be honest and admit I’m not a Colnago expert by any means. They are both great bikes though. The reviews I’ve seen to date on the C59 have been particularly glowing. I’ve not seen a M10 review yet – but I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

Update: I seem to be having some problems getting the video to play in my blog – here is the link to BikeRadar where it comes from http://eurobike.bikeradar.com/video/eurobike2009-colnago-#player You can also click on the link under the video above (via eurobike.bikeradar.com). I’m going to try to embed it again and see if that fixes it. Apologies for any frustrations this causes.

Hope the Colnago fans enjoy it.

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