facebook.com/girodilento – now more cycling related snippets




Like a lot of bloggers I also have a Facebook page for my blog. Probably also like a lot of bloggers, I haven’t really been sure what to do with it apart from to make sure my posts all appear there to make life easy for my friends and followers on Facebook.

For sometime that’s been about it – but I’ve finally worked out how I want to use it. So from now on it’s being used for links to other interesting stories, news, reviews and the like that aren’t going to make it into a dedicated blog post or are too long for tweets. I’m going to try to keep a good flow of interesting things for people to read/watch – so if you’re always looking for more good stuff to read – please feel free to “like” my page – it would be great to have you on-board: http://www.facebook.com/girodilento

Thanks for reading….