French ride report: One – A taster


Trying to fit my cycling habit into our major holiday for the year was always going to be even more of a juggle than normal, so it took me a few days to get out at all (August 17th). 

My first ride was literally around the block. I didn’t have normal access to the internet whilst away so my normal route planning websites weren’t an option and I wasn’t sure how long any of the routes were until I got out and started having something to compare to.

We’d been out in the car driving around and as the village we were staying in (Alise-Ste-Reine) was on top of a hill it wasn’t far to what looked like a decent climb.

So after we’d put the kids to bed I got my gear on and cycled down our road out of the village, turned left and along the road in the valley underneath the village until I got to the left hand turn with the interesting looking climb.

I was delighted that it was one of those rare hills that looked worse than it really was. In fairness I hadn’t ridden far either and I powered up the hill. On the flatter part of the road on the top part of the climb I was comfortably doing 28kmh, which is a sure sign it wasn’t very challenging as I’m not a particularly great climber.

Literally not long after I left I was back again – in less than 19 minutes. My Garmin had recorded 8.67km, which it was almost not worth going out for. It was however a starting point for the rest of the holiday and a bit of a teaser for my longer rides to come.

More soon and thanks for reading