French Ride Report Two, August 18th

After the previous days extremely short ride I was keen to go further after dinner on the 18th

We’d been to see the historic village of Flavigny(-sur-Ozerain) (where the film Chocolat was filmed) and it had a great twisting climb from the valley floor up to the village on the top of the hill. It looked a bit more challenging as well as a longer climb. Flavigny is effectively on a ridge line that runs 20-30 kms long.

I figured if I rode up the hill and past the village I could descend down the other side of the ridge then turn left ride along the next valley for a little while and then turn left and go back up and over the ridge again down into the valley that would take me back home again.

On my ride back up the other side of the valley via la Roche Vanneau I reached the high point at a small village called Dampierre-en-Montagne and as I set off down the descent the other side I was starting to lose the light.

The fading light and a descent I’d never ridden before kept my speed checked to just under 60kmh on the way down.

Once I got to the bottom of the valley I was in a village called Jailly-les-Moulins and from there I turned left and rode back to the hill up into Alise-Ste-Reine and home. It was pretty dark along this last 7-8km and being in the countryside there was no artificial light.

Fortunately there was no traffic either, I think I saw one car during that last part of the ride. Once again I pretty much zipped up the last hill into the village. This ride was a more respectable 38km in 1 hour 22 minutes and had two good climbs in it (not including the last one back into the village).

The most deceptive part of the ride was the climb up from the valley floor through la Roche Vanneau to Dampierre-en-Montagne as it was probably 5-6km of climbing without any really flat bits. Differing gradients but generally always climbing.

Overall it was a good ride – a shame I had run out of light but that did make me pick up my pace on the flat on the way back but again it felt too short. 

More soon and thanks for reading