Friday 40km

It’s been a beautiful day today…. and subsequently has been a bit harder to motivate myself to work – so I took a slightly extended lunch break (out, back with photos in an hour and 50 minutes). Having done a 70km ride earlier in the week, I wanted to get out for a short ride before my Saturday ride with Warren. I headed out to Frant, Groombridge, Eridge, and back to Frant, stopping to take a few photos on the way. I’m definitely suffering from hayfever a bit at the moment and this is particularly playing havoc with my contact lenses. However todays ride took me over 1,000km for the year and that’s a nice milestone. In fairness 750km of it has been done in the last 7 weeks, the year before that had been pretty dire. This time last year I’d just passed 1,400km – so I’m still playing catch up – but I’m making some good progress. In fact this time last year I was at my best fitness all year. Anyway my fitness and leg strength is slowly improving and I’m hoping to do another 250km before the end of the month, which should be quite do-able weather allowing. I’m now catching up on a bit of work and looking for to getting out again tomorrow – the weather forecast looks great.