Giro d’Italia UK TV Coverage… you’ll want to know this…


This Sunday see’s my favourite Grand Tour of the year begin – the Giro d’Italia and if you can’t be in Italy – the best place to see it is on your TV.

Here’s a listing for the UK live coverage on Eurosport, which is the only channel that I’m aware is running regular coverage of this wonderful race:

Giro d’Italia 2011: British Eurosport schedule
Saturday 7 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 1 on British Eurosport
Sunday 8 May, 1530-1630 LIVE Stage 2 on British Eurosport 2
Monday 9 May, 1345-1630 LIVE Stage 3 on British Eurosport
Tuesday 10 May, 1345-1630 LIVE Stage 4 on British Eurosport 2
Wednesday 11 May, 1345-1630 LIVE Stage 5 on British Eurosport 2
Thursday 12 May, 1345-1630 LIVE Stage 6 on British Eurosport
Friday 13 May, 1500-1630 LIVE Stage 7 on British Eurosport 2
Saturday 14 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 8 on British Eurosport
Sunday 15 May, 1445-1630 LIVE Stage 9 on British Eurosport
Tuesday 17 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 10 on British Eurosport
Wednesday 18 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 11 on British Eurosport
Thursday 19 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 12 on British Eurosport
Friday 20 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 13 on British Eurosport
Saturday 21 May, 1300-1630 LIVE Stage 14 on British Eurosport
Sunday 22 May, 1300-1630 LIVE Stage 15 on British Eurosport
Tuesday 24 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 16 on British Eurosport
Wednesday 25 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 17 on British Eurosport
Thursday 26 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 18 on British Eurosport
Friday 27 May, 1330-1630 LIVE Stage 19 on British Eurosport
Saturday 28 May, 1300-1630 LIVE Stage 20 on British Eurosport
Sunday 29 May, 1500-1630 LIVE Stage 21 on British Eurosport

You can also bank on daily highlights packages on Eurosport too – later in the evening (and often repeated the next day) – so if you have Eurosport you’ve got no excuse not to be watching.

For those of you reading this from outside of the UK – Steephill.tv have a listing of many international feeds here:

The Official Giro website is here: http://www.gazzetta.it/Speciali/Giroditalia/2011/en/index_giro_en.shtml The official Giro twitter account is: @giroditalia

Pretty much every cycling publication or website in the world will be providing rolling coverage – so just visit your favourite sources regularly.

Twitter will also be an excellent place to follow the race and the inevitable intrigue of a super difficult course – the hashtag you want to follow is #giro – I’ve already got it loaded up on Tweetdeck and the tweets are already beginning to roll in.

It’s a great race – enjoy ….


The opening picture is of the Geox-TMC team training prior to the race start and was a twitpic posted by the team – you can follow them on @TeamGeoxTMC