Great Hong Kong descending video


I love descending, it’s probably my favourite part of cycling. It’s my reward for climbing to the top of each hill. I love the speed of it, the fun of choosing your line and of trying to keep your speed and momentum as you go. It’s also the only place I can properly get ahead of my riding buddies. So it’s only natural that I’d love a video like this one. It’s recorded by a camera on the front of Mike Pryde’s bike as he out on a training ride around Hong Kong with a friend. It’s a great clip and well worth watching. It makes me want to go out and buy a really good HelmetCam so I can make some too …. you never know it may just happen. One thing I did notice is that it looks like the roads in Hong Kong are generally a lot smoother than the ones I usually ride!


In the meantime if you want to read Mike’s own blog post on this ride you can visit here: http://www.neilprydebikes.com/rides/asia/from-downtown-to-the-tranquil-seaside-hong-kong.html – As someone who mostly rides in the South East of England, it’s interesting to see some of the other great places in the world to ride.


Enjoy and thanks for reading