Great new Strava features..

I’ve been a big fan of Strava from pretty much as soon as I discovered it and it has completely usurped my previous online training diary. Everytime I ride I upload my data into Strava …. and my journey has even led me to buying a Garmin Edge 800 to get more accurate data (more on that another time). 

For those of you who don’t know it, the quick overview is that if you have a GPS phone (like an Android or iPhone) or a Garmin you can record your rides and upload it into Strava, which then analyses your efforts, maps them and critically ranks your riding against anyone else who has ridden up any of the hills on your route … and that’s where it gets interesting. If you’d like to know more, I commend to you a previous post (http://girodilento.com/stravacom-a-fantastic-tool-but-beware-it-can) as today is about new features and improvements.
The most valuable one for me is the Segment Explorer. If like me you’re interested in new rides and climbs, now you can simply move the map in the Strava Exlore section to where ever you want to check out and it will automatically show you on the map the hills within the view. I’ve already found this a really good improvement in terms of both generally exploring and in terms of planning rides. If you click on any of the highlighted climbs it will also helpfully tell you how your best effort (if you’ve ridden it) compares to the current best time (KOM).
Another feature that I know lots of people have wanted is the GPX export feature, so if you’re exploring and you find a ride that looks interesting, say a ride one of your friends has done, you can now simply download that as a GPX file that you can then upload to your Garmin. It’s a handy feature but not ideal if the ride you want to export starts from someone’s house. I’m going to give it a go and see if I can upload a ride and then edit it and will update this post accordingly.
The final new feature I want to mention today is the ability to edit a ride after you’ve uploaded it. It’s for those moments that you get home/the end of a ride and simply forget to turn off your Strava app or Garmin and it keeps recording data as you either wander around your house, or drive home. Now if you do this, and we all will from time to time, you can edit the errors out using a tool much like the segment creator. 
Each of these improvements are further steps forward for what I believe is the best online site for cyclists (and runners!). If you’ve not tried it, there is a free version you can try as long as you have a iPhone or Android phone (to use the free Strava app) or a Garmin/GPS device. As a visitor to this blog there is also a free code you can use (girodilento11) if you’d like to try the full Strava package free for 3 months. If you’re interested in tracking and analysing your riding, I highly commend it to you – I’ve not found a better site yet.

Thanks for reading…