Heavy wheels day…..


Today's ride was a "classic" ride for me in that it was largely the route I rode nearly all of last year, sometimes up to three times a week. Through Frant, Groombridge, Eridge, Rotherfield, Mark Cross, Wadhurst, Cousley Wood and home – just over 60km and 800m of climbing. Yesterday I had my rear training wheel back from Hope who have replaced the rear axle in the hub and this was the first run with the "repaired" wheel. Whilst my fitness is improving as is my strength, it's coming quite slowly so I thought I'd put my heavier training wheels back on the bike for my solo rides. I could definitely feel the difference. They feel heavy. In fairness the wheels sans tyres, tubes and skewers weigh about 1700gms so they're not boat anchors but they are about 250gms heavier than my Eastons on the bike and probably take the bike weight up to about 9.25kgs (not a lightweight by any means). So anyway – I do think I could feel the difference on the road – especially up hill and they don't descend nearly as well as my Eastons – in fact the only way they are better is I think they are tougher than my Eastons – but in all other ways they're inferior. So the logic was if I put my heavier, slower wheels on for training runs, I'll work harder and improve faster – time will tell. It did feel a bit harder – but that may be just in my head. It didn't feel as hard as Saturday's ride thankfully.

It was a lovely day out – a bit windier, but lovely weather indeed. For the second ride in a row I lost a bottle out of my Planet-X carbon cage and this time it broke the bottle. I seem to be losing more bottles all the time – always on descents over bumps and it's starting to get annoying. It might be time to replace the bottle cages. Today's ride got me to 400km for the month and I'm hoping with the bank holiday weekend that I might get up to close to 600km for the month. We'll see.