Hill repeats – they hurt!


As anyone who's been following my progress recently knows, I've been feeling fitter and getting a bit faster lately. In fact I'm doing well in most parts of my rides now except hills – which seem to be a constant nemesis. After taking a few days off since Saturday I decided today was the day to have my first crack at hill repeats.

I choose a hill not too far out of town, not too long and on a nice wide and quiet road. This particular hill also has a reasonable climb before you get to it (and also for the return trip home).

It was very warm – around 27 degrees when I went out at lunchtime with a bit of breeze to take the edge off the heat. Apart from the first attack of "the" hill du jour where I was up on the pedals (it starts steep, flattens, steepens and flattens again) I rode the whole series of repeats seated adjusting my gears and cadence to the severity of the climb to try and keep my effort as constant and high as possible throughout each climb. Each leg up took around 6 minutes from bottom to top and had my heart rate peaking at about 165bpm which seems to be about as high as it goes at the moment.

In the end I did four actual hill repeats plus the hills on the way to and from "the" hill. It took me just over an hour and 10 minutes for the entire ride including a couple of short rest breaks (1-2minutes) before hitting the last two reps and I feel tired tonight. As it was the first go I didn't want to over do it especially as I have more rides planned over the next few days.

However as a concept I like it and will be doing it again before too long. There are some much bigger nastier hills around here that I can step up to as my legs allow but I hope you'll agree from the picture – today wasn't a bad first effort. It was also an interesting way to begin the second half of 2010.

Thanks for reading!