Ide Hill and Toys Hill with Warren


Today Warren and I met up and rode around the Kent Weald. By the time I got home, I’d done 92km and climbed 1240m (57 miles and 4,000ft) and felt pretty tired. After meeting at Penshurst railway station we rode back through Penhurst, Chiddingstone Hoath, Chiddingston, Cowden, Dormansland, Edenbridge, Four Elms then up Ide Hill, down to Brasted for a Cappucino and Panini in the Sunshine. We then rode back up Toys Hill and back down to Four Elms and around to Bough Beech. 

It was a great ride, warm, sunny, good company and some good hills. 92km is actually the second longest ride I’ve ever done (I did a 101km ride at the end of May 2009 on a very warm day). 
Had a bit of hayfever, which probably meant I felt about 90%, but nonetheless it was a great ride. I’ll sleep well tonight that’s for sure.