If Batman had a bike, would it look like this?


Batman’s a pretty cool customer, so to me, if he was going to become a roadie then it would probably need to set some key criteria.

For example, I think it would need to be:
1) Aero – speed is fundamental
2) Black – most likely Matt
3) Constructed with the best components – again black where possible
4) Incredibly stealthy
5) Stop the traffic good looking (subjective I know)
4) Not be from a mainstream brand – but highly and elegantly engineered (I appreciate this is also subjective)

I think this bike could be it. It certainly stopped traffic the day it was on display. People were stopping in the street to find out what it was and how much it cost while we were taking these photos.
This bike was built up for a demo day at Vita Cycles, the weekend before this one. Almost all of the riders there wanted a go on it and most of them got the chance.

In case the pictures don’t give the game away, it’s a NeilPryde Alize (http://www.neilprydebikes.com/pound/alize-dura-ace) in Matt Carbon finish (Medium or 54cm), 2011 Campagnolo Super Record Groupset, 2011 Mavic R-SYS SLR wheels, with matching Mavic Tyres. It was finished off with a Fizik saddle and 3T Bars and Stem.
Fantastic looking bike, very stealthy and I think Batman would approve. 
Thanks to Vita Cycles for a great day (http://www.vitacycles.co.uk/) the last picture shows the bike about to go on the final test ride of the day, with Barry and Paul from Vita on the Blue Alize’s.

Thanks for reading