It’s not spring yet …. but it’s getting closer

The weather is definitely slowly warming up …. it’s been a long, cold winter but things are showing signs of improving. On my ride this afternoon, probably about 75% of the roads were dry …. but when they weren’t, they really weren’t. My white Diablo didn’t stay very white for long! Still it was great to get out. It was a balmy 8 degrees and though I was in full winter kit, I was comfortable without being too warm. It was my inaugural ride with my new Shutt VR Bib tights (http://www.shuttvr.com/shop/productdetail.php?id=Shutt_BibTights) and I enjoyed them a lot – they made a nice combination with my Shutt Coolmax Pro Bib Shorts (http://www.shuttvr.com/shop/productdetail.php?id=Pro_Bibs). I decided to climb the Nouvelle Col de Groombridge and head over to Chiddingstone as it’s been months since I rode that way. I noticed that in particular on the steeper climbs as I made very hard work of them. My legs were soon aching a bit. I’d definitely rather be on a compact as my skinny little legs struggle a bit with a double at the moment, though I concede that should get easier once my legs adapt with more miles.
A couple of stops for photos around the route and I even managed to accidentally switch my iPhone to video – so there’s an extra “bonus” on this post.


As well as revisiting some old roads, I’d decided it was time to get better acquainted with my Diablo. I’d found it very stiff on the last couple of rides, but in fairness it is a no compromises race bike – so that’s not a suprise. This time I put my most comfortable saddle on the bike and dropped the tyre pressures from 115 to 95 and voila, some comfort in the ride. It was a lot of fun actually. I had intended to sort of cruise around but that’s impossible on a race bike, so my legs took a bit more punishment than planned. 

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In the end I rode 53km in an hour and 57 minutes and climbed 660m, which I’m pretty pleased with.

The bike was filthy from some of the dirty and wet roads, but it was good fun and cleaning it up didn’t take long afterwards.


Thanks for reading.