I’ve entered my first sportive – The Puncheur


2011 is a year that I'm hoping will see me move my cycling performance up another gear (or two). With this in mind I decided it was time to take the plunge and enter my first sportive. I've toyed with the idea quite a few times and have even tried to enter one before (The Hell of Ashdown http://www.hell.gb.com/ which had sold out fast when I tried to enter) so it just hadn't happened for one reason or another. 

One of the other highly regarded relatively local early season sportives is The Puncheur (http://www.puncheur.co.uk/) and this is the one I've entered this afternoon. It's going to be on March 6th 2011 and I'm already looking forward to it with a sense of nervous anticipation. The distance should be ok, the climbing a bit challenging and it will be good to cover some new roads. I already know about a quarter of the route and the key to it all will be two fold – how terrible the weather is over the next few months will be my primary concern as it will affect how much training I can do and then the weather on the day could add significantly to the difficulty as it did in 2010. 

It's a good route at 108km and 1,700m of climbing including finishing at the top of Ditchling Beacon, which is supposed to be a tough last kilometre of climbing. More hill practice for me coming up. You can see more detail on the route here: http://www.puncheur.co.uk/route_details.htm

It's a relatively small event at 375 riders and I already recognise some names on the entry list. 

So this is the first one entered and I'm going to try to find another 2-3 more to ride during the course of 2011.

Thanks for reading.