Just in: Lezyne Macro and Micro LED light set

It’s that time of year again – the weather’s closing in and so is the light. If you’re a bike commuter you’ll probably be using your lights already but even as a recreational rider I’ve been using at least a rear light on my last few rides.
So it was perfect timing that a new pair of Lezyne Macro and Micro lights arrived in the post this week to test. Even just getting them out of the packaging it was clear that these were a class above any light I’ve tried before. Both lights feature a CNC machined aluminium body giving a sense of quality and strength/durability right away. The mounting system of a holder and a rubber band reminded me of my Garmin 800 mount and means they’re a doddle to get on and off the bike.
The rear Micro Drive has 6 different modes – so plenty of choices to find the one you think is right. The front Macro Drive has 5 modes giving you between 3 and 9 hours use depending on the intensity. More than enough for most commutes and winter training rides even on the maximum output mode.
Another nice feature is the USB re-charging. Out of the box they need a full charge but it doesn’t take long and from the first switch on – they are powerful! The front light is rated at 300 lumens and the rear 70 lumens. Obviously the next test is some night riding – so that’s on the schedule for the coming week. To charge the rear Micro Drive, simply unscrew the cap at the rear of the light and the whole light plugs into a USB port to charge. For the front light, again you unscrew the cap – but you need an adapter lead (supplied) to connect the light to a normal USB port for charging.

On the first couple of attempts I was a little worried about maybe cross threading the caps – but hopefully that’s just me. Also if you’ve got an aero bike with an aero bike shaped seatpost (as I do) the normal mount for the rear Micro Drive is designed for a round seatpost – so I’ll try it on both seatpost shapes to see how it gets on.
As a pair the Macro and Micro Drive lights retail for £84.99 a pair. You can buy them separately too: the Macro Drive for £54.99 and the Micro Drive rear light for £39.99
More information here: Lezyne.com