Last training ride before my bike fit

A large part of my training plan for fitness is an unofficial target of doing an average of 20km per day, every day over the course of each month. Normally this means riding 50-80km every 2-4 days and usually with plenty of hill climbing thrown into the mix for strength training. This afternoon – I headed out for the next chunk of mileage to chalk up for July. Now as the title alludes too – I'm going for a bike fit on Thursday with a guy called Adrian Timmis who is an ex-Tour de France rider and who has a great reputation. Of course, I'll be writing about the experience late in the week but in the meantime I hit the road to check how I feel on the bike and see how the legs are holding up as I've been riding slightly less frequently this month. 

Whilst I enjoyed my ride in Surrey and over Boxhill and my recent Midlands ride – I didn't miss stopping to read a map every 5 minutes today. I knew exactly where I was going and rode at a decent pace – trying to push a bit harder on each of the climbs in a no pain no gain kind of a way. I was targeting about 60km and hope to do it in just over 2 hours (2:10 was what I was mentally aiming for, which is an average of just under 28kmh) – for me this would be a pretty handy time if I could manage it. 

The weather helped a bit today – after riding in some pretty hot conditions (for England) recently – it was grey and humid today – but still 23 degrees. It just felt cooler though and that was nice. I mixed my drinks with a bottle of Isotonic and a bottle of energy drink – which seemed to do the trick. 

To cut to the chase – I managed to do 62.7km in 2 hours 16 minutes – averaging just over 27.5kmh – which upon going through my diary afterwards is the second fastest ride I've managed (ever). The total climbing for the day was 835m or about 200m more than my Boxhill ride. The legs were definitely feeling it towards the end and although I was still able to climb my last hill in the big ring – it was definitely hurting and I felt pretty tired at the end. 

I've yet to climb more than 1,000m in a ride in July so I think I'm going to have to plan to do that soon. I found a route around Wadhurst on the internet last night that promised over 1200m in 60km – so that sounds quite tempting even if it means more map reading. In fairness, it's pretty easy to put together a ride that climbs 1,000m plus around (over 2,000m is a bit more challenging but I'd like to do that in the next couple of months targeting a distance of around 100km to do it in).

I'm driving to the midlands tomorrow afternoon in preparation for a Thursday morning bike fitting – so won't get back on the bike on the road until I have my new and improved position and I'm looking forward to it. I don't really understand positioning or bike geometries at all – so I'm hoping to learn a lot in the process. I'm also hoping it will give me some strong clues as to possible new frames for the future – I'm taking a short list of contenders and their geometries with me. 

Of course, anything I do learn I'll be sharing on the blog – hopefully it might be helpful to you too. 

Thanks for reading.