Lezyne Alloy Digital Drive ABS2 track pump review

I’ve been using Lezyne pumps for quite a few years. I began with a Road Drive pocket pump for out on the road but over time I’ve embraced Lezyne track pumps too.


For the last few months, I’ve switched to the latest version of Lezyne’s alloy track pump. It’s now called the Alloy Digital Drive ABS2. Not the catchiest of names but it represents the next step in an evolutionary journey. Several generations ago, I began with the version featuring the now superceded screw on valve (that you switched orientation to change from presta to shraeder valves). This is now called the ABS Flip Thread Chuck HP and It worked very well (unless you were running Continental inner tubes with loosely fitted valve cores, as they often came out when you unscrewed the pump, which was incredibly annoying) but it was time consuming to get it on and off. Effective but fiddly.

These earlier pumps also had an analogue pressure gauge and you can still buy Lezyne track pumps with analogue gauges if you prefer. However Lezyne also released digital gauges for greater accuracy, which was an improvement I’ve been very happy with. Around the same time, there was also a new dual valve head  added to the range, which I’ve very much enjoyed. It was a major step forward in ease of use and matched to the digital gauge became my preferred choice. So much so that I’ve just given away an old Specialized track pump that was a previous favourite.


So I was surprised to receive this new improved Alloy Digital Drive ABS2 as I’d been extremely happy with the pump I had. I have huge respect for Lezyne in that each year they seem to improve already very good products and this is a classic example. The Alloy Digtal Drive  ABS2 has a completely new valve – it’s the ABS2 part of the name.

The ABS2 chuck is a clever piece of engineering. It can be used on either presta or schraeder valves with a slightly different technique and the video below is incredibly helpful in showing you the technique for use.


If you’ve watched the video you’ll see the presenter confidently fitting the new head onto a presta valve with a simply one-handed technique that looks a piece of cake. You pull back the outer red sleeve, push it like that onto the value, push the outer sleeve forwards and turn clockwise to lock into onto your valve.

You then pump up your tyre, adjust pressure if you need to via the easy to use bleed button then simply pull the ABS2 head back off your value, pulling it from the sleeve part of the head.


It looks a piece of cake in the video. To be frank I’ve found it much trickier than that to get it on my bikes, particularly in the first month of use. It’s usually taken me two or three goes to get it onto a wheel. Sometimes I get it right on the first go, much like the video but more often than not, it takes more than one attempt. I’m not the most mechanically sympathetic guy in  the world, so I think I make a good real world tester.

I found myself going back to the dual valve head pump quite a bit to begin with, even though it needs two hands to operate, whilst the ABS2 head is a one handed operation (I’ve tried it with two just to be sure). In fairness, I’m now getting the hang of it better and it’s becoming more natural to use and get right more regularly on the first go but it’s taken longer than I’d have thought.

P1000615There’s no question, this new head feels like a cleverer, better engineered solution and when you get it onto your valve in one slick movement you feel extremely positive about this pump. When it’s taken more than one go, I’ve looked longingly at my Dual Valve version as a simpler, if less elegantly engineered solution.

The great thing about Lezyne’s extensive range is that you have the choice. If you want a really clever valve head, combined with a digital gauge and are reasonably confident with your dexterity, then the Alloy Digital Drive ABS2 is a very good track pump.  If you want something with a simpler, more idiot proof valve, the Dual Drive version might be for you, although you have to step down to the cheaper steel drive version to do so. If you want an analogue gauge instead of a digital one – no problem – there are plenty of options for those and it’s possible to get a dual valve head with an analogue gauge, if that’s what you need.

P1000642There is now also a taller version of the alloy drive pump too, which is largely about comfort – it’s nicer to bend down less to pump up your tyres. I tried this version at a recent show and as silly as it sounds, it is indeed easier to pump your tyres up with. You bend down less and it is more comfortable.

Of course being Lezyne if you buy a pump with one valve head and decide you want to get another type, you can buy them as accessories and switch. You can also get spare parts including replacement gauges, either digtal or analogue.  I’ve been using these track pumps for the last few years and they’ve been faultless in terms of performance. The only maintenance I’ve done was to change the battery in my digital gauge, which was a piece of cake.

The pump is rated at up to 220psi or 15 bar, which is way more than most of us will ever need, especially in this age of wider tyres and lower pressures. The wooden handle feels good in the hand and the base is rugged (although they scratch a little with use over time) and together they make for a reliable workhorse.

The Alloy Digital Drive ABS2 is another excellent product from Lezyne and I have no problem recommending it apart from my caution about the learning curve in technique for using the ABS2 head.  I did and still do find it a bit more fiddly than I’d like to get it onto my wheel, but once it’s on, it works very well indeed.  You might be a bit better at using the valve head than I am. As I said I’m not the most mechanical person you’ll ever meet, so I’ve found it just a bit challenging and at times annoying. For me the Dual Valve head was easier but it’s not as nicely deigned or engineered and I do think the new version is a better product.

Lezyne have a wide range of terrific pumps and I’ve little doubt you can find the perfect one for you out of the choices available.

More info at can also be found at http://www.lezyne.com/

Thanks for reading.

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