Lightweight wheels

This weekend was my daughters birthday, which meant that I could only get out for a shorter bike ride than I’d perhaps normally do on a weekend. My friend Warren, had also just received his new Lightweight Standard III Clinchers – so perhaps it was a weekend of double celebration. Warren had been struggling to get the tyres on (understandably not being keen to use tyre levers on his new wheels) – new tyres plus Lightweights, were a tough combination, so we arranged that I’d go and provide a second pair of hands for the job then we could go for a quick ride after the wheels were sorted. We did eventually get the tyres on without levers or damage to the rims, tubes or tyres – but it wasn’t easy.

Once we took a few photos with my iPhone we set off for a test ride. Over 30 miles (50km) they had a good first run – a couple of decent hills, some blustery conditions, a descent or two and plenty of bumps in the road. I even got to have a go on the new wheels …. and wow – they were impressive. They are extremely light and rolled fabulously right out of the box. I was definitely working harder on my good old Specialized to keep up (and Warren wasn’t trying that hard – certainly less than I was). The power transfer on Warren’s EPS with the Lightweights (especially at the rear) was fantastic – as was the freewheeling – it just rolled and rolled.

It’s the nicest bike/combination that I’ve ever ridden. Very impressive. One things for sure, I’m working harder than Warren when we’re out now and as I said to him I’ll feel much better about sitting on his wheel from now on!


It was a good weekend – a great birthday with my little girl, great fun to have a go on Warren’s bike and help him get the Lightweights up and running and also good to ride some new roads as well.