London Cycle Show: Rose Bikes 2011

One of the many interesting stands at the Cycle Show was the one for Rose bikes (http://roseversand.com) . I’ve already blogged briefly about their enormous catalogue (which is like a bike show in itself) that lists their enormous range. Until now they’ve been selling bikes in the UK under the Red Bull name which they use in Germany without any problems as they launched the name their before a certain drinks company so there are no name usage issues. In the UK, it’s a bit different and I guess they got tired of explaining that no they weren’t related. 

So in 2011 they bikes will be branded Rose and to me this makes much more sense. As you’ll see from the photos – they graphics are clean and elegant and the bikes look right. 
In fact I thought the black carbon bike with full 2011 Super Record looked very nice indeed as a best bike with the green and white alloy bike an excellent training/crit bike (subject to clarifying pricing/spec of course). The only thing that made me a little nervous was the rear seat stays looked quite chunky and I wondered about just how stiff these bikes ride. Time will tell.
It’s early days in the UK (but I wish them well) – I’ve yet to see prices and specs finalised for the UK market but if they are like the other large German brands (Focus & Canyon for example) the pricing should be keen. I’m sure reviews will be appearing before too long as well. Sorry that I don’t have more detail as yet – but I thought the bikes looked good enough to share the pictures prior to full details emerging. I’m in contact with Rose UK and will update as and when I get more info.

Thanks for reading