Lusso Max Repel bibtights – Keep warm and dry for not much money


Lusso Max Repel bibtights have been on the market now for quite a few years. In fact the pair I own are about to turn seven years old and even then I think they’d been around as a product for a year or two. When I first took up cycling back in 2005 the bike shop I bought my bike recommended the Max Repel’s as a bibtight. At the time, I thought £50 was an awful lot of money to spend on some bike clothing but these days it would be rarer that I spend less key items on bike clothing.

In thousands of kilometres the Max Repels have kept me warm and relatively dry in temperatures down to well below zero. Over the years, as I’ve added to my bib tight collection they’ve always been the benchmark that I’ve struggled to beat. A recent set of Gore’s came close but they still don’t keep me as warm as the Lusso. To be fair mine are getting to the end of their useful working life now but they’ve done very well and once again I have a new pair on the way from another manufacturer which I hope will be as good – time will tell. If they’re not, there’s nothing for it – I’ll be placing another order for a new pair of Lusso Max Repel’s soon after.

If you shop around you can find the Lusso’s for under £50 and I think they’re terrific value. In Cycling Weekly recent winter clothing test, they scored an impressive 9 out of 10.

If you’re look for a long lasting, warm and water resistant bib tight – do seriously consider the Lusso Max Repel – they’re still my benchmark after 7 years.

Thanks for reading.