Map reading in the Midlands….

We’re on a family visit to the Midlands for a few days – so the bike racks went on the car and I’ve brought my bike. Before we left home on Thursday I printed 9 maps from Google maps, highlighted the route on the maps with crayon (thanks kids!) so I was prepared.

I’ve only done this route once before late last year and got lost enough that my 70km ride was actually 85km by the time I got back onto the right roads. This time I was hoping that having ridden most of the roads before I would have a few visual cues along the way. I don’t know the area at all – so if I go off one of my maps – I need to retrace my steps.

I ended up stopping about every 10 minutes the whole way round and had to ask a local at one point (he didn’t know either), but it was hot (26 degrees), sunny and fairly windy – so nice to be out. My legs were still feeling the efforts of the hill repeats from the day before – so it wasn’t a vintage ride. However, it was good to get round the “course” again having got less lost than last time and it was good to get another 70km in the bag, making it 100km for the month after 2 days. If I’m very lucky – I may be able to negotiate a leave pass to do the loop again tomorrow before we head home – but I think the chances of that are 50:50 at best.

Photos and a route map to follow (once I’m back home). Thanks for reading.