Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate review

To confess right away – I am a "wheeloholic". I am always looking around at wheels and right now – the Cosmic Carbone Ultimates are at the top of my wish list. I've been fortunate enough to have a go on a pair recently and I was instantly smitten. I found this review today and wanted to share it. 

For me there are a few things that stand out about these wheels most of all:
1) They are extremely light – 1185grammes a pair for a deep section wheelset. Yes, Lightweights are deeper and lighter but they are more expensive and less aero (as I understand it)
2) I really like the depth of the rim – at 42mm – deep enough for genuine aero benefit, but not enough to be such a sail in crosswinds. Shallow enough to be a great climbing wheel (especially considering point 1)
3) Mavic make strong, strong wheels. These are designed to take as much punishment as a Ksyrium and they are as tough as old boots – so you don't need to be precious about these wheels – just ride them.
4) I've never heard anyone who own's them or ride them, criticise them and that's unusual.
5) If you do have a problem (unlikely) – Mavic have a great reputation for service and looking after their customers.
6) They look fantastic
7) They are extremely pro – Garmin Cervelo, Liquigas and Omega Pharma Lotto all use these are their primary race wheels. Think about that and then think about how many races and stages these teams have won this year alone – many, many pro wins for the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate.

Downsides? The only one and one I'm not sure would put me off is – they are a tubular. Tub tape and a spare in my pocket after some YouTube tutorials and I'd have a go. There are some tough, fast tyres out there – so I'm sure I could find some nice options – not to mention Mavic's own tubulars which I hear good things about.

Yes, these are my current most wanted wheelset. Watching the video only made that worse. If I find a way to buy some – you can be assured there will be a review on here before too long. …. they really would look good on my bikes ……

Thanks for reading