Mavic testing wheels with Hushovd for Paris Roubaix 2011

Over the past few months, I’ve spent quite a bit of time riding Mavic wheels thanks to NeilPryde specifiying them as standard equipment. I have to say the more I ride them and the more I deal with the company, the more impressed I am. To be honest, I’d read some negative stuff out there on the web, but the wheels I’ve been riding have been strong, roll well and seem dependable so far. Maybe Mavic wheels aren’t one of the “sexiest” brands – but as a well respected cycling journalist said to me recently – “you can’t go wrong with Mavic wheels”.

Like many cyclists, I do have a bit of a wheel fetish and would like to have more and more of them on standby. Until recently I may have overlooked Mavic and now I know that this would probably have been my loss. I’m looking forward to riding more miles on them. Like most brands, the really interesting stuff is at the top of the range – but even the lower end ones seem to be well liked and dependable.

I’m particularly looking forward to having a go on some R-SYS SLRs (with matching Mavic tyres) and possibly some Cosmic Carbone Ultimates (again with matching Mavic tubs), which are not much heavier than a set of Lightweights, but are quite a bit cheaper. I will also be out on the road next month on some Cosmic Carbone SL which should be a great everyday aero wheel. 

Still enough Mavic love for one post – This video shows World Champion Thor Hushovd testing new wheels for Paris Roubaix. Last year Thor was on the podium in Zipp’s (that were also on Cancellara’s winning bike) – we’ll soon see how these new Mavics do in the heat of battle. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the video.