Monday morning


Last week was a quiet week for cycling as I got busy doing other things. As a result I ended up just doing one ride …. so it wasn’t good for my monthly mileage target. I’ve been hoping that this month will see me get to a total mileage for the year of 3,750km as this is what I managed in all of last year. At the start of the month, I was at 3,124 – so it’s a pretty chunky target, but do-able if I can stick to a 20km per day average. Anyway until last week I was on target but riding once has dropped me behind. 

As of this morning I needed another 346km with 10 days to go. Not impossible but a bit of a challenge.

When I got up this morning it was drizzling against a weather forecast of sunny intervals when I’d gone to bed. However over the next couple of hours some blue sky started to poke through and I decided to go for it (the mileage thing is playing on my mind a bit).

It turned out to be a rather nice Autumnal day, cool in the shadows and in the wind but nice and warm in the sunshine.

My first climb was Groombridge Hill, then Saints Hill after Fordcombe, along Bassett Lane towards Cowden, eventually (after a loop around Furnace Lane and Hammerwood) through to Hartfield up into the Ashdown Forest via Colemans Hatch. Onto Chelwood Gate, acroos to Nutley, then all the way back to Groombridge and onto home. This was basically the exact same loop I did on the 9th (with one slight diversion). 

Total Mileage: 77km, Average Speed 27.8kmh, Total Climbing: 845m.

So now I’ve only got 269km to do by the end of the month …. Time will tell if I manage to pull it off.

Thanks for reading