My bike… 2005 Specialized Allez Elite

IMG_6497I’ve done about 5,500km on my bike now – not a lot by many peoples efforts but the most I’ve ever done. 3,750 in 2009 and about 750km so far in 2010 – so you can see that it sat idle for a few years whilst my wife and I started our family. Cycling just didn’t fit during that time – combined with the fact we moved from somewhere fairly flat to somewhere fairly hilly.

The bike itself has had a number of upgrades including wheels, tyres, innertubes, seat, brake pads, crankset and soon to be handlebars and stem. That being said it’s still no weightweenie at 20lbs in winter spec (as pictured).

This bike is the basis of many of my views on riding. It’s been a great bike and I still enjoy riding it – but I am hankering after either a 16lb carbon lightweight or a titanium/steel bike for ride quality on the famously poor British roads.