My #girodilento250 ride three – tired and flying on caffeine energy drinks!

After a few days of family focussed time including heading up to the midlands to visit my in-laws, the weather broke and I got out to ride my “usual” 70km loop this morning.

I’d had several late nights in a row and last night my lovely 2 yr old niece stayed over at her grandparents where we were and she woke us all up crying a few times. These things happen with small people but it doesn’t make for great riding.

Luckily the sun was out this morning and I couldn’t let it go to waste. Then there’s the matter of my own attempt at the #girodilento250 and the fact that my Kinesis had been brought up to do this ride as well and I forced myself out.

I have to be honest, I rode much of the ride counting down the mileage to go. I felt tired and it was a bit of a struggle, so I rode to each next mileage point slowly counting down the total mileage. Heart rate zones etc were completely ignored and I just rode as well as I could all things considered. I stopped once to take the main photo and then snapped another at the end.

The rain stayed away, which was nice but there was lots of water on the road. In one place I struck about 30 metres up to my bottom bracket/cranks, which was interesting. Lots of rivers running down the roads and numerous puddles and mud to negotiate your way around. Perfect conditions for mudguards and the Kinesis did a fine job. I looked at my bib tights after the ride and they were as clean as when I started (just a bit more sweaty).

I’m glad I did the ride and it’s taken my total to 192km with one day to go. The weather forecast is pretty awful again for tomorrow – but I would like to manage that 60km. I have the Kinesis with full mudguards so time will tell.

As well as my own struggles, it’s been fantastic watching people hit their own targets either via twitter or via the girodilento Strava club. It was also a great motivator for me today and I hope it will be in the morning too. Some more of their rides are here:

Thanks for reading and to all of you riding – thanks for taking part!