MyProtein ENER:GEL energy gel review

You may have noticed a while back that the good people at Myprotein.com kindly sent me some gels and recovery drink to try (http://girodilento.com/first-look-myprotein-energel-energy-gels-recharge-recovery-drinks/) and yes, I’ve been out doing just that. I’ve just used the last of the 24 gels in the box and I’m working my way through the recovery drink too.

IMG_3007I have to say, I’ve been impressed with both the ENER:GELs and the RE:CHARGE – for differing reasons of course.

With the ENER:GELs: I’ve taken at least a couple of these on all of my longer rides since they arrived. Due to the higher volume than gels, I’ve used before they do fill your pockets a touch more than normal, which makes it harder to fit so many of them in. It’s not a problem, just something you notice.

I’ve enjoyed the orange flavour, even though it probably wouldn’t have been a flavour I’d have chosen had I been ordering them myself, it’s sweet but I’ve found it quite satisfying when you’re riding. I’ve liked it enough, that I’d happily order it again.

Tearing off the tab at the top of the gel is a little stiffer than I’ve experienced before as the packaging is a touch thicker than other gels I’ve tried and once you’ve torn off the tab, the opening for the gel to come out of is small but I found that worked well as you tend to suck the contents out and it’s harder to spill them while you’re riding. Because of the greater volume (70mls), they definitely take a couple of attempts to drink while you’re riding. IMG_3008

I’ve had a couple of rides with faster riders recently where I struggled with pace and in keeping up with my companions and also found my riding performance dropping further at points on the ride.

Not long after taking an ENER:GEL on two separate rides, I had a noticeable boost in speed, which brought my pace back up enough to have both of my riding buddies point out that they’d noticed my increase in speed. For me, you can’t really get a clearer, if anecdotal, piece of evidence than that. It’s obviously not scientific on any level but when a performance boost is that noticeable, I’ll take it as a very positive sign. On both of those occasions I did find I was able to push harder again about 10-15 minutes after taking the ENER:GEL

The nutritional information for the ENER:GEL is as follows:

Nutritional Information: Per 70g Sachet
Energy (kJ): 421
Energy (kcal): 101
Protein (g): 0.0
Carbohydrate (g): 25.2
of which sugars (g): 10.1
Fat (g): 0.0g
Dietary Fibre (g): 0.3
Sodium (mg): 34
Vitamin B1: 1.5mg (136% RDA*)
Vitamin B2: 1.7mg (121% RDA*)
Niacin: 19mg (119% RDA*)
Vitamin B6: 2.0mg (143% RDA*)
Vitamin B12: 20mcg (800% RDA*)
*Recommended Daily Allowance

 I’ve really enjoyed these gels and have no problem recommending them. Energy gels like energy drinks can sometimes upset your stomach, especially on the first few rides. I’ve had no digestion issues at all but this can be a personal thing.

For me, it’s been good to try a new (to me) brand of nutritional products – especially when they work out well for you and the MyProtein ENER:GELs have worked well for me. Orange is sometimes an acquired taste but I’ve liked them. There is also a Lemon & Lime flavour if you’d rather try that.

I also noticed a rather interesting looking energy bar from the same range called Pure ENER:GY that look like they’d make a great combination with the ENER:GELs

If you’d like to try some, you can order them either from

http://www.myprotein.com or http://www.probikekit.co.uk

Thanks for reading