MyProtein RE:CHARGE recovery drink review

RECHARGE MyProteinI’ve just recently finished my 1.5kg pouch of the MyProtein RE:CHARGE recovery drink and wanted to report back on it. It’s a short review because my thoughts on it are pretty straight forward and I’m not a nutritionist or sports scientist so I’ll struggle to go into too much depth J

The short answer is, I found it very good – certainly as good as anything else I’ve used to date. I took it regularly, particularly after harder rides and I found it a nice conclusion to getting home. I also found that I didn’t suffer sore legs the following day after my rides – but in fairness, that may simply because I don’t ride hard enough!

MyProtein has grown to become a sizeable company and a major player in the sports nutrition market and you don’t achieve that without a strong product range.

RE:CHARGE’s 1.5kg size is 30 servings making it decent value. It mixes with water and the taste which some people struggle with is described as “Orange” but to me it was more of a “Mango” flavour. I really liked the flavour. I also really liked that it mixed with water. Almost all other recovery drink I’ve used before has been mixed with milk and in my house with a young family – it always seemed to be a negative that dad had drunk lots of the milk after his bike rides. I guess it also makes it cheaper to mix up – but certainly it helped the milk last longer in our house.

On my recent Coast to Coast ride, there were a lot of novice/not the fittest of riders and I shared the last of the pouch liberally with them (until we ran out). No complaints about the flavour and I genuinely think it did them some good as they seemed to start the following days well.

On the MyProtein site they describe the products like this:

RE:CHARGE is part of Myproteins Nutrient Timing Programme which is designed to satisfy your body’s specific nutritional requirements before during and after exercise or competition.

 RE:CHARGE is an advanced formula combining protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes to help maintain hydration and encourage muscular recovery after physical activity. Taken directly after exercise or competition, RE:CHARGE helps put your body in a position to recover and recuperate for your next test.

 The unique carbohydrate blend has been formulated to replenish the crucial levels of glycogen that have been used during your activity. Glycogen is used as a source of energy by the body and consuming carbohydrates is the best way to re-build glycogen stores during the recovery process.

 Supporting the carbohydrate content is a premium protein blend which helps your body to recover and rebuild after exercise. Muscle protein is often broken down as a source of energy, so it is vital that sufficient quantities are put back in to the muscle straight after exercise.

 We have also included electrolytes to replenish the salts lost through sweating, vitamin C to remove the damaging toxins produced during physical exercise and creatine to replenish vital ATP stores.

 As I’ve already said – I can’t really argue or comment deeply about any of the above – but I enjoyed using the product – felt it gave me benefits after my ride – both that day and the next. I think it’s reasonable value (it’s cheaper on the Probikekit site as at the time of writing) and the fact that it works well with water was a big plus. I enjoyed the taste but that’s a personal thing.

I’ve always found recovery drinks to be expensive to buy and seeing as Probikekit are listing it at about £15 a pouch – that’s 50p a serving, which I think is pretty strong value.

The ultimate question (especially as this was sent to me at no charge) is would I spend my own money buying some more? Absolutely, it is now definitely on my permanent shortlist now.

There’s no question that I’ll continue to shop around between brands – but if the MyProtein RE:CHARGE makes sense financially when I’m shopping – I’ll definitely buy it.

IMG_3006In case you’re interested, the ingredients for RE:CHARGE are as follows:

Per 50g Serving:

Energy (kJ): 823

Energy (kcal): 196

Protein (g): 8.9

Carbohydrate (g): 27.7

Fat (g): 0.0


Each 50g Serving also contains:

Creatine Monohydrate (g): 5

Vitamin C (mg): 500

Electrolytes (mg): 500


Per100g Serving:

Energy (kJ): 1646

Energy (kcal): 392

Protein (g): 17.8

Carbohydrate (g): 55.4

Fat (g): 0.0


Each 100g Serving also contains:

Creatine Monohydrate (g): 10

Vitamin C (mg): 1000

Electrolytes (mg): 1000

 You can find out more about MyProtein RE:CHARGE here http://www.myprotein.com

or here: http://www.probikekit.co.uk

Thanks for reading