New Bars and Stem


In a recent "bike fit" my local shop told me I would benefit from some shallower drop bars. I'd been impressed by the look and pricing of the 3T range but actually finding any was quite tricky. I eventually bought some Ergosum Pros a couple of months ago and they've sat in a box until my friend Warren ordered some 3T Team bars and a torque wrench for fitting. Warren helped my fit them and then I had my first go at bar taping, which shall we just say was a learning experience. I give myself 7 out of 10 on that for a first go. This week, I've done about 100km so far with the new bars and I'm very pleased – they were about 160 grammes lighter (bars and stem) than the ones they replaced. They are stiffer too, which you can feel when you are riding – a bit more feedback from the road and they are definitely more comfortable to ride in the drops. They are also the only "pro" team kit I have – so that's kind of nice too. I'll be out on the road with them again tomorrow …. and the weather is looking good (for a change).