No bike rides this week – sometimes it just doesn’t happen

After 4 days off the bike I start to get a bit stroppy and irritable. So far this week it's at 6 days and counting – with at least two more before I get out again, so I'm doing well to be reasonably calm about it all. 

Yesterday was a near miss – I even mixed up my energy drinks. which were still in the fridge until this evening when I tipped them down the sink as I needed to get them ready for the next adventure (more on that soon). Amongst a generally busy week, my daughter who's 3 has been sick and yesterdays ride was cancelled as she needed to be taken to the doctor. I also needed new tyres on the car and that took longer than expected. Today was going to be an early ride – an 8am departure and everything was ready until my daughter got us up in the night again and at 7am when the alarm went off – I just couldn't get out of bed. 

After another busy day – here I am writing this – so that anyone reading will understand why there hasn't been any updates on bike rides since last weekend. 

More soon – I will get out for a ride in the very near future (I hope!)