On the road again…


Today it was time to get out and test my shoulder to see how it was healing. I hadn’t ridden my bike at all since I crashed 11 days ago and I’ve been feeling better and better. Whilst I have been increasingly looking forward to getting out again, it was 6 degrees this morning, damp and grey and my motivation wavered a bit …. to the point that it took me about an hour longer than planned to actually leave the house. Right away my shoulder felt fine – a bit uncomfortable here and there but no real pain and it wasn’t interfering with my riding which was a great result – I’ve been really lucky. 

My legs on the other hand were less cooperative on my first ride in nearly two weeks – they were definitely not so keen today. I decided to do most of my recent climbing focused ride but I removed two hills to make it a slightly easier return to the road as I wasn’t planning a killer ride today – more a system check over a reasonable distance.

There were a few roadies out today and a good number were on winter trainers, I saw a couple of the classic blue Ribble winter bikes, what looked like a Kinesis Granfondo (nice, if I’m right) and a few other bikes with their Crudroadracers, including mine. 

My first photo from today was looking south from towards the top of the Novelle Col de Groombridge and my drop in fitness was showing there as my heart was pounding when I stopped to take the picture, which to a certain extent was cheating as it gave me a breather. 

I skipped the climb up Nunnery Lane today and the return climb from Bunny Lane up into Frant Village, which cut about 190m of climbing out of the loop (it was 735m in total today) and about 9km from the length of the ride but I’m happy with how I did. I definitely need to spend some more time in the saddle again to get the legs back on track. So hopefully I’ll get at least two rides in this week before the weekend. 

The roads were pretty greasy and dirty today and whilst it’s true I like to pick out lots of very muddy country lanes, even the busier roads were pretty mucky today – it’s definitely mudguards time of the year. In honour of the weather conditions I’ve converted all my pictures to Black and White today to give you a flavour of the conditions. 
My bike was pretty filthy even with the Crud Roadracers, but they are definitely better than nothing and I ended up late this afternoon cleaning my bike in the dark in the garden under the light shining out of the kitchen window. I shouldn’t imagine I’ve got it enormously clean but it will have got the worst of the mud off. 
It definitely felt good to be back riding and the exercise gave me a nice burst of energy for the rest of the day.
Thanks for reading