One month until Bespoked Bristol 2012


One month today see’s the start of Bespoked Bristol, a bike show in it’s second year of celebrating independent and artisan bike manufacturers, designers and products. I have to say I’m really, really looking forward to this show like I haven’t about many things for quite sometime.

For me as much as I love my fantastic carbon race bike, I’ve been steadily getting more and more interested in materials like steel and titanium as well (you may have seen my recent love affair with the Kinesis GF_Ti), so I can’t wait to go and see some of the fantastic bikes and equipment that’ll be on display.  

In fact if you look through the exhibitor list there’s an absolute abundance of riches to savour and enjoy.


Some of the brands I’m personally most looking forward to seeing include:

Brian Rourke, Burls, Crisp Titanium, Enigma, Feather Cycles, Mercian, Moots, Paulus Quiros, Pegoretti, Roberts, Independent Fabrication and Tokyo Fixed to name but a few. 

I’m also looking forward to seeing my friends at Shutt Velo Rapide and Strada Handbuilt Wheels again and to meeting a few Twitter friends in person and hopefully a few industry faces. 

For me this is a first proper step in the world of Bespoke, custom and artisan bikes and products so I’m sure I’m going to find a bunch of new favourites in addition to the ones above. I’m sure there’ll be some surprises. Who knows in my ongoing search for the unicorn that is the perfect all-round and mudguard equipped winter bike, there might be some new names/options to consider too and that’s exciting.


If you’re in the UK and can make it Bristol for this event, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

As for me, well I’ll be taking my DSLR and getting as many interesting photos as I can, so I can share the best of them here following the event. It would be sensible if I left my credit card at home though.

The photos on this post are from the Bespoked Bristol website and facebook page.

You can visit the Bespoked Bristol website for more info and tickets