Post dinner dash

Wednesday didn't turn out as I'd planned – there was supposed to be a bike ride during the day but it never happened …. everything I started sneaking towards the door, the phone rang, an email came in, family stuff beckoned and the day slipped away. I wanted to get some riding in as I'm trying to target 20km per day this month – so I need to keep the mileage ticking over. 

My daily routine includes doing the bath for the kids and usually bed time stories as well and it's usually 8pm when that's all taken care of and I'm not usually so keen for any bike riding then. The lure of a post dinner coffee and some adult times usually wins out. However, as I hadn't ridden since the weekend and as I was going to be busy all Thursday I jumped on the bike at 7.50pm aiming to do 30-40km as the light allowed. 

Because it was a short ride, I pushed harder than normal, attacked the hills (well as much I as I can) and pushed a higher gear/cadence on the flatter parts of the ride. Rides like this are unusual for me because I'm usually trying to get bigger mileage as I'm generally chasing my monthly target from behind and 30-40km doesn't move the total on as much as 60-80km does. 

There were only a couple of other riders out on the road but the weather was good and the light lasted reasonably well in all but the most tree-lined stretches of road. Oddly, I didn't take much notice of the time when I arrived back and my first couple of guesses were suggesting a close to 30kmh average and I know that was right so I kept adding time on until I took the average down to a more realistic 26.5kmh for the ride. 

It was a nice change of training tempo and it was definitely good to get some miles in the bank for June.