Schwalbe Durano S tyre review

Those of you who read my post earlier this year on tyre choice following a chat with Schwalbe may recall that I was given a set of Durano S tyres to try for my summer riding.

A pair of shiny new Schwalbe Durano S tyres at the beginning of my test

A pair of shiny new Schwalbe Durano S tyres at the beginning of my test

These tyres have been running on the set of Reynold’s Attacks I’ve been riding during the last few months and it’s time to post some thoughts on them.

IMG_4705As I mentioned in my previous article (http://girodilento.com/are-you-riding-the-wrong-tyres/), Schwalbe pitched the Durano range as being more suitable for us recreational riders for everything outside of racing. The Durano S is the “fastest” of the Durano range but only available in a 23mm width. The mainstream model, the Durano, is available in a much wider range of widths up to 32mm and there is also the Durano Plus with a super puncture resistant belt taken from the famous Schwalbe Marathon range (but it’s heavier if that’s important to you).

My impression prior to riding them was that the Durano S is a higher performance tyre for someone who would have typically considered the Ultremo range who wanted a fast but more durable and puncture resistant tyre so longer lasting than the Ultremos without sacrificing a lot of performance.

My much missed NeilPryde Alize with the Durano S tyres

My much missed NeilPryde Alize with the Durano S tyres

In riding the Durano S, frankly I’ve not noticed any lack of performance with over the Ultremo race tyres, there probably is a difference but for me, it’s been small enough I haven’t personally been able to tell. The Durano S rolls and grips beautifully, it’s comfortable, it looks great and they’re wearing well.

The set I have have over a thousand kilometres on now, which admittedly isn’t a huge amount of mileage but my Durano S’s are showing only minimal wear. They’re not suffered from cutting or slicing on the sidewalls at all and the grip is as confident as it was at the beginning. They’re not even rounding off particularly.

IMG_4723The rate of wear is a key factor for me really. Many of the race tyres I’ve used before (regardless of brand) feel like they offer broadly similar levels of grip and performance but wore at a much higher rate and were much more susceptible to cuts and punctures.

I have to admit that firstly my discussions with Schwalbe earlier in the year and now my time on the Durano S has had me reconsider some of my previous beliefs about tyres. I now no longer automatically look for the lightest, fastest (most expensive) tyre in a range as I realise you can get high performance and much better wear/longevity from other tyres in a range.

IMG_4694I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Durano S and have no problems recommending them to anyone looking for a fast but more durable tyre than your typical race tyre. Certainly if you’ve ever ridden and enjoyed Schwalbe Ultremos but were disappointed at how quickly you wore them out – these are a great option.

If you’re a Sportive rider or a fast recreational rider who gets out on your local lanes and climbs – th Durano S are a fine choice. If you’re a commuter and want something even tougher, do consider the Durano Plus.

My only disappointment with the Durano S is that I wish you could get them in a 25mm width – so the next Schwalbe tyres I try might well be the normal Durano in a 25mm width.

You can find out more on the Schwalbe Durano range here:


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Thanks for reading and thanks to Schwalbe for sending me the tyres to try.