Shimano Dura Ace Di2 the choice of the Pro Peloton & dominates the Tour de France

I was surprised to see in a recent blog post from DCRainmaker just how dominant Shimano Dura Ace Di2 is now in the Pro peloton. Mr Rainmaker walked the team area at the beginning of the Tour de France and tallied up which team was riding with which groupset (he also looked the dominant turbo trainer – The Tacx Neo, used by 10 of the 22 teams, which I’ve reviewed previously here).

The totals on groupset choices are quite amazing: Dura Ace Di2 is being run by 17 out of 22 teams in the Tour de France! 3 teams are running Campagnolo and 2 are on SRAM Etap

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Having briefly ridden the new Dura Ace Di2 at the launch in France last year, it was very impressive and there were guests from several teams at the launch to show their commitment.

Now that the Tour de France has finished, Shimano Dura Ace dominated the race winning every stages and all 4 Jerseys. You could argue that they should have managed this with 75% of the teams but it’s still a very impressive result!


Tour de France 21-07-2017 stage 21 Montgeron – Paris

This dominance makes me wonder how many teams we might see next year on the Dura Ace power meters too. Time will tell.

So if you’re a rider who wants to ride what the pro’s do, Dura Ace Di2 is your best bet. Personally, I’ll stick with Ultegra Di2 and the new R8000 series version also looks very promising for us non pro riders.

The full DCRainmaker post is here:  https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/07/tour-de-france-2017-power-meters-trainers-tech.html