Shimano RP9 road cycling shoes review

Shimano’s RP9 shoes are a terrific option for recreational riders with excellent comfort levels.

A few months ago I wrote an introductory post on Shimano’s RP9 shoes, which are the top of the new Shimano range of shoes for high performance recreational riders – rather than racers. After hundreds of miles riding in them my verdict is that the RP9’s are a terrific pair of shoes. I’ve found them super comfortable, good looking, with excellent performance, great fit and an easy care outer.  P1000712  I’ve done most of my riding this year in these shoes. From social rides, to sportives, to indoor training on the Wattbike, the RP9’s have done it all. I’ve also mixed in time on my other cycling shoes to give a counterpoint, including Bontrager’s RXL Road shoe and a pair of Shimano R191 road shoes. I’ve found the RP9’s clearly more comfortable than my other shoes. I think this is down to a couple of factors, the inner of the shoe is a touch softer on your feet than my other shoes and the fit is a touch looser – particular around the toes, so you can wiggle them from time to time during a ride. I’ve always this makes a surprising difference to how comfortable your feet are on longer rides. This touch of looseness in fit is relatively subtle compared to a race shoe as they still fit well. I wear a size 44 shoe in all my shoes and this is the correct size for me for these shoes – there is also a wide fit option if you need one but for me the standard fit is perfect.

Comfortable shoes that are wearing well....

Comfortable shoes that are wearing well….

The outer of the shoes (in white on my ones) has been easy to clean and look after and I’ve found the amount of ventilation through the shoes to be good too. A ride in torrential rain in the Ardennes showed they fill up with water just as fast as any other shoes too! The look is clean, modern and understated. If you’re looking for maximum bling, then you may want to look elsewhere but in white, they look smart, are nicely visible and I’ve found them easy to clean and look after.

Light wear on the soles. The cleats were new with the shoes and also give an indication of wear

Light wear on the soles. The cleats were new with the shoes and also give an indication of wear

The only things I’ve had to get used to on these shoes is that the ratchet strap works the opposite way to normal and the clam shell opening, feels a little different to my other more “normal” opening shoes. You notice both of these differences when putting on or taking off the shoes but not at all when you’re riding. There not a negative in my view – just a slightly different user experience, but if you’re a complete traditionalist, they may be worth checking out in person.

The carbon weave Dynalast sole is rated an 11/12 by Shimano just one level of stiffness less than the top of the range race shoe the R321, so you’re not sacrificing much in stiffness and I’d argue that if you doing longer rides, a touch of give helps with comfort.  The finish of the sole also looks good but like any other shoe scuffs up a bit with use.


All photos in this blog were taken today after all of the riding I’ve done in the shoes, so you can take a view on durability.

I really like these shoes. The RP9’s are my new favourites and my other shoes have been used much less often since these arrived. I don’t race but I like good kit that’s comfortable and suitable for long/fast rides. The Shimano RP9 shoes are perfect for this type of riding. I have no problems at all in giving them a strong recommendation.

If you shop around you can find the RP9’s at a good discount on the retail price – which is another win. Great shoes that won’t break the bank.

If you’re interested, you can order them here: http://tidd.ly/fcc7fafe

Thanks for reading.

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